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WING: Unifiber Aviator - keuze uit: 4,0 m, 5.3 m of 6.0m
FOIL: Unifiber Navigator - Keuze uit 1600 of 2000
BOARD: Exocet Free wing Hard board - Keuze uit 5.4 of 5.10
Accessoires: Board Leash, Wing leash, wingtas, foiltas, pomp en tools.

The Wing: 


Unifiber Aviator  (incl. Tas en Leash)

The Aviator is an all-round wing with an exceptional wind range. Designed for riders looking for a balanced and versatile wing, it remains stable and responsive when cruising, wave riding or hitting big airs.

When flagged out the Aviator drifts smoothly without getting in the way. Yet, even when completely depowered, the wing maintains its responsive nature, switching from drift to acceleration as the rider commands.

An elliptical leading-edge shape and an S-shaped strut provide balanced weight and power distribution. Separate filler valves allow for precise inflation control. The Aviator’s handles - ergonomically shaped and positioned for efficient power delivery - reduce fatigue on the forearms and allow for longer sessions.

The aspect ratio of the Aviator varies through the size range so that the wing feels the same in all conditions.

The Foil:

Unifiber Navigator foil

Designed to lift off early in minimal breeze, the Navigator is a perfect hydrofoil for beginner and intermediate riders.
With its voluminous shape and powerful profile, the front wing is tailored toward a comfortable, safe flight at low speeds.
To give rider more control over the flight and reduce the severity of any wipe-outs, the foil is mounted on a 75 cm aluminium mast.
Carbon layup for both the front wing and tail stabilizer minimises flex and weight.
All foil components are assembled with 8 mm countersunk hex-head stainless screws that are resistant to corrosion and mechanical damage.
The Navigator comes equipped with a plate mount as standard.

The Board:

The brand-new range of Exocet Wingsurfing boards, named Free Wing, embodies Exocet's extensive expertise in both shaping and foiling boards. The Freewings series has been developed with a primary focus to be forgiving and friendly throughout your wing learning journey and progression.

The volume distribution ensures remarkable stability when idle allowing the rider to optimally position themselves for take-off. The rear kicker on the board aids in achieving a powerful pop while the concave deck keeps the board stable on course and responsiveness underfoot, even with substantial volume and rail thickness.

Once in flight, the influence of this volume becomes virtually imperceptible, leaving the rider with a highly agile board that exhibits exceptional performance both in freeride and wave-riding scenarios.


Size tabel*:LengteBreedteVolume Extra fin optieWindsurf mast optie
5'4160 cm66 cm90Lnee


5'10180 cm76 cm105Lnee


* size can vary a small bit.

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