Cabrinha H-Series MK2 Carbon set compleet

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Just when you thought a product couldn’t get better, the new H-Series MkII range pushes into the future of foil design and sets a new benchmark for efficiency and performance.  The design team have implemented new technology learnt from the collaboration with Sintef.  Water testing in the biggest tank in Europe has refined the H-series tip shape to allow the tips to breach and re-enter without cavitation.  This allows more progressive riding and radical turns, be it with a kite, wing or prone.  The new leaner profiles now boast an increased speed range which helps entry into freestyle tricks or on the race field.  The Wings seamlessly pair with any of Cabrinha’s V-series stabilizers and are part of the modular Cab Fusion system. 

The Fusion H-Series Carbon set  come with everything you need.


Front wing (carbon)
Stabilizer (carbon)
Fuselage (Aluminium or Carbon)
Mast MK2 (carbon)


Keuze uit:

Foil kit met losse (aluminium 346 mm) fuselage en V-series stabilizers
Deze zijn eventueel aan te passen naar uw wensen. (langere of kortere fuselage, andere stabilizers, shimming etc)

Foil kit met 180 H-Series Carbon stabilzer and fuselage.
Deze stabilizer is gemaakt maakt van een stuk voor zo min mogelijk weerstand. 

Mast: MK2 Hollow Carbon mast in verschillende lengtes.

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