JP R-Winger PRO 2024

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Our all-new 2024 R-Winger range is the next logical progression for the light wind or small-foil Wing foiling. As this new and exciting sport of ours continues to develop at a fast pace, we decided to shift into the new gear. We can well see the early take-off benefits of the very long and narrow Downwind SUP foil boards. While the take-offs are instant, for true Wing foiling the fun is compromised right after the take-off. The boards are too long which makes pumping more difficult and too narrow for comfortable foot switches. That is why we developed the full line of narrower and longer, but dedicated wing boards, R-Wingers.

 Everything about this range is focused on generating ground speed for quick take-offs and even quicker touchdown recovery. We made the tuck line fully sharp all around for an instant release. The smooth scoop rocker, the long and narrow outline and the extensive tail cut-outs work in sync to minimize drag and get you into flight with the smallest foil possible. The slightly raised tail rocker makes it possible to push harder on the foil for better upwind angle and faster top speed. The nose deck shape is very aerodynamic for minimal drag even in super strong winds.

The boards are made in the high-end CNC custom line at Cobra with full PVC sandwich, deck and bottom. We took out the carrying handle for cleaner take-off surface and further weight saving.

These features of the R-Winger define what a modern race wing board, or a light wind board needs to be. Whether it is full on world-tour racing, blasting by your stunned windsurfing and kitesurfing buddies, or just enjoying the cruise in the lightest wind possible the R-Winger has you covered!


  • Tuck line fully sharp all around for an instant release
  • Smooth scoop rocker
  • Extensive tail cut-outs
  • Slightly raised tail rocker
  • Concave deck shape in the standing area
  • No carrying handle for cleaner takeoffs
24 JP R-Winger PRO5'0"x 21" | 65liter
24 JP R-Winger PRO5'5"x 22" | 80liter
24 JP R-Winger PRO6'0"x 23" | 95liter


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