Neilpryde Glide Swift Carbon Foil - Set

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Experience the ultimate freedom on the water with the brand-new Glide Swift Carbon - the perfect all-round foil for winging!

The innovative rounded delta middle section and unique high aspect wings provide early, and easy lift combined with maximum glide performance and speed. The Glide Swift Carbon is the perfect choice for EVERYONE, from beginners to experts.

It is easy to control and offers a very early take-off even without perfect pumping technique. Its placements at the top GWA events demonstrate that it is anything but a pure beginner's foil. The Glide Swift not only impresses in racing, but also earns points in pump sections, waves, and freestyle.

Riders Note: “Since I’ve tried the Swift for the first time I was in love with the foil! It is so intuitive, easy to use and has superior maneuverability. The perfect Foil for an unforgettable Day on the Water” (Vinnicius Martins)


The super stiff carbon mast and optimized mast-fuselage connection provide maximum speeds and a direct steering feel with their high stability.

The integrated blended-fuselage connection reduces drag and improves stiffness by increasing cord thickness at the fuse.

The carbon front wing, which features a inflected leading edge with outer high-aspect sections and a moderate center sweep, maximizes agility and helps to control hard turns. The low-drag wingtips reduce drag and decrease the risk of injury.


**Sizes 8-14 are available as a full set. Size 6 is available as a front wing only.**


SizeSpanAreaChordARTail Wing

Glide SWIFT 6


Glide SWIFT 8


Glide SWIFT 10


Glide SWIFT 12


Glide SWIFT 14



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