Ride Engine Airbox Electric Pomp

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The technology evolution for kites, wings, and boards has rapidly improved to enhance your
experience on the water. However, perhaps the most critical component required to get on
the water -the pump- has remained unchanged since the days of flip phones. Not anymore.
Gone are the times of sturggling with manual pumping, thanks to the Air Box: Ride Engine's
rechargable electric pump. Engineered alongside a top electric pump manufacturer, the Air
Box has a powerful tow-stage system that automatically switches from low-pressure,
high-volume pumping to high-pressure, low-volume delivering the fastest inflation

Eliminate the worry of over or under inflating your gear when you set your desired air
pressure on the Air Box. The smart inflation technology has real-time pressure monitoring,
ensuring an automatic shut-off once the pump reaches the selected pressure. Powered by a
lithium-ion battery cell, it can inflate four to six kites or wings, and three SUPs on a
single charge. The all-in-one package includes the pump, hose, and nozzle attachments that
support all major brands of kites, wings, and SUPs, and a USB-C charging cable.


• Max 20psi / 1.4bar
• Dual two-stage inflation with auto stop
• Rechargeable lithium-ion battery
• Shock resistant impact sleeve
• Nozzles for all industry standard kites, wings, and inflatable Wingfoilboards & SUPs.

162mm x 162mm x 85mm

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