Cabrinha Fusion Hollow Mast (MKII)

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The all-new Hollow Mast system is yet another example of the state of the art foil program from Cab Design Works. It nods to the critical & complete design approach of the team to view every foil component individually with a view to improve stiffness across the entire platform. It implements a bladder molded construction with strategic layering of carbon as far to the outside as possible. This culminates in our stiffest ever mast to front wing connection. This reduction in flex eliminates any lag in the turn and transfers energy while pumping seamlessly through to the front wing.  


Superior Torsional and bend rigidity.  Low weight and minimum drag.


  • Optimized airfoil for low drag to stiffness ratio
  • TE scallop for improved turning and efficiency
  • Integrated high modulus mounting plate
  • Bladder molded, hollow mast construction for superior skin compression, providing ultimate rigidity
  • Premium high modulus prepreg carbon fiber construction
  • Barrel Nut compatible(x-series MkII and H-series MKII)
  • Tapered Fit


The optimized airfoil provides the ultimate in low drag to stiffness ratio, allowing for previously unseen control at higher speeds.


The forces in hydro foiling vary depending on what you are doing. The TE Scallop gives you the stiffness and thickness to help you get up and going, but with the added benefit of increased turning and efficiency when up and flying.


The connection between the board and the foil is one of the most critical, and the integrated high modulus carbon mounting plate provides a strong and low drag transition.



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